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Incoming referrals for all supports are sent to the Director for initial assessment (and prioritisation if operating a ‘wait list’).

Dóchas works with children & families living in the North Clondalkin area who are experiencing significant social, emotional or behavioural issues. As a community-based trauma-informed organisation we work with up to 25-30 families (depending on level of need) for between 2-5 years.

Case Work follows a comprehensive assessment with the family; this helps decide if Dóchas is the right service for children & families. Our assessment is based on a social ecology model (or systems theory) and considers the family’s lived experience across a variety of domains e.g., school, community, family relationships & history, etc. Only after the assessment is complete can we confirm whether or not to open a case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all parents/primary carers are asked to find the time to visit Dóchas on a regular basis. We take a systemic approach to family support which involves everyone connected to the child.

Dóchas works on the basis that all children struggling with their emotions and/or behaviour are doing so due to some external factor. Initially, we will get to know your child and if we identify symptoms that need assessment, we will direct families to the necessary healthcare practitioner to make a referral.

That depends on the issues that have come up in the assessment. Some families progress quicker than others because their needs, although significant, may be less complex.

No, Dóchas is free to children & families.

No, we are qualified community-based practitioners here to support you and your child. If you have been allocated a social worker we will link in with them but we are here to support families.

If we are genuinely concerned that your child is at risk or has made a disclosure to us we are legally obliged to make a report to Child Welfare & Protection. Under most circumstances, we will have a chat with you before doing so.

No, Dóchas does not do that. Our priority is to develop a positive relationship with the child. We do, however, make it clear to the child that if they do not go to school they cannot come to Dóchas. We also work closely with the Home School Community Liaison (HSCL).

You can talk to the Director or Case Worker about commencing Non-violent Resistance (NVR).

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